Diving in Gozo

diving in gozo

Gozo is just an amazing island. It’s landscapes, flora and fauna, rock formation, the sea that surrounds the island and it’s rich history makes it very unique.  With water so clear and pleasant that you can swim in it for almost the entire year, it only makes
sense that Gozo is a favorite haunt for some of the world’s best scuba divers and avid snorkelers. In
fact, the island is known for having an excellent assortment of underwater attractions, from
interesting and rare sea creatures and underwater landscapes, to ancient shipwrecks and relics.

The best part is that Gozo has the appropriate infrastructure to support a thriving diving community,
including world-class diving schools and centres for interested divers of all ages. Let’s take a look at
some of the most amazing dive sites that you can explore while in Gozo.

The Blue Hole

We’re going to start our exploration of Gozo’s famous dive sites with the timeless Blue Hole, which
takes you 14m below the surface and has a 9-meter archway that opens up to the clear blue sea.
From here you’ll be able to access the entrance to a magical underwater cave, which gives you a
remarkable view of The Blue Hole itself.

As you make your way to the Blue Grotto, you might come across a lot of shrimp and perhaps a few
conger eels as well, if you’re lucky. Plus, you’ll be directly underneath the Azur window which offers
some of the most marvelous underwater experiences in the world.
You can then choose between a relaxed 45-minute swim to the Inland Sea exit, or you can take a left
and continue towards a chimney that will deliver you to the best view of scorpion fish and octopuses
in the whole island!

Another part of the Blue Hole diving experience that is worth noting is that of the aptly named Coral
Gardens, which feature unique coral formations and massive schools of fish. Divers are often advised
to proceed with caution when exploring this part of the underwater landscape in Gozo because it is
very fragile, and the risk of damaging the corals increases with every touch and breath taken in this
Diving in this area reminds us of the fragility of life and the importance of preserving the natural
beauty of the ocean.

blue hole diving site in gozo

The Blue Dome

The Blue Dome dive site is located on the North Coast of Ghasri Valley and can be accessed via shore
or boat. If you choose the former option, just keep in mind that you’ll have to climb 100 steps on
your way down and up, which is a rather taxing prospect for many.

This particular spot is popular with snorkelers and divers alike, and unlike the above mentioned
areas, its well off the beaten path which makes the trip well worth it for a memorable underwater

At the bottom of the stairs is a big gully that leads you to the deep open water, while the actual
entrance to the Blue Dome cave is accessed at 7 meters deep. This spot gets its name from the
naturally dome-shaped rock formation which makes up the roof of the cave, and it’s also what’s
responsible for the magical light show that you’ll see happening on the water beneath it.

The Inland Sea

Accessible via the jetty, the Inland Sea is another one of Gozo’s breathtakingly beautiful diving spots.
The dive starts at a 4m deep tunnel that swiftly descends to 6, 14 and then 22 meters. The tunnel
itself is flanked by sheer walls, while the entrance behind you has the same azure blue glow as the
exit ahead.

It’s important to maintain strong buoyancy control here, as you’re likely to encounter fishing boats
swimming up ahead. Once you reach the end of the tunnel though, you can either turn left and
make your way towards the Blue Hole or turn right and swim towards another grotto which is past
the 50-meter mark. The latter dive is probably best left to seasoned divers, as you have to turn on
half of your air supply in order to make the massive 50-meter drop.

Reqqa Point

At 60 meters deep, the landscape at Reqqa Point is wondrous as it is awe-inspiring. Here, you get to
see a lot of underwater sea creatures, flora, and fauna in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and species.
Many have referred to it as a portal to another world, thanks to the general ambiance of the area, as
well as its spectacular scenery that includes schools of cardinal and scorpion fish as well as star

Most of the dive sites in Gozo have convenient facilities like toilets and showers, as well as nearby
snack vendors and ice cream trucks. Divers will also be glad to know that a majority of the dive
centers on the island are open all-year round, thanks to the water conditions which remain pleasant
pretty much throughout. And there are about a dozen more dive sites apart from the ones
mentioned in this article so you can spend an entire season enjoying an underwater adventure of
your own.

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