Easter Holiday in Gozo

A visit to Gozo during the Easter Holidays surprises with beautiful spring weather, its green flourishing countryside and a spiritual atmosphere complemented by a diverse cultural calendar. While many of the happenings source of religious character, family events and kids fun fairs are just as present as welcome during this special time in the primarily catholic community.

While re-enactments of the Last Supper and imposing Easter Concerts invite to join the special period of the year, photo and art exhibitions are being held all across the Islands. Maundy Thursday, the Thursday before Easter symbolizes the evening during which the local community visits seven of the festively decorated churches across the Island to hold a prayer.
The poignantly processions on Good Friday include choir chaperonage, attendants with metal chains passing the streets, mystical torches and the holy statues with sacramental requisites. The following procession on Palm Sunday is complemented by more jovial and happy melodies symbolizing the Rise of Jesus Christ. The holy statue will be guided across the marketplace with fresh palm tree leaves and attunes the happy procession across the streets. A great festive Easter Lunch with the whole family is a common tradition alike a colourful Easter Egg Hunt and Animal Fair for old and young.

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Picture Courtesy: Visit Gozo