Mother’s Day in Gozo

Mother’s Day is a celebration where all mothers are honored by their children.  This special day of the year is celebrated in more than 40 countries all over the world.  This year, Mother’s Day in Gozo is observed second Sunday of May.  Most of us are very close and attached to our mothers and every mother holds a special place in our lives because of her unconditional love towards us.  She is that person who always takes care of us regardless of what age we are in.

Each and every one of us has their own way how to celebrate Mother’s Day.  Mother’s Day in Gozo is mostly celebrated with gifts, flowers, cards or a special meal out.

Spending Mother’s Day in Gozo

Every mother deserves way more than just a gift but the first thing that pops out from our mind is trying to give her that bit of extra special on this day.  Giving your mother the chance to relax and enjoy the beauty of Gozo is the perfect gift.  During this time of the year, you can discover Gozo’s full beauty.  With the temperature getting warm and the beaches experiencing their natural environment, Gozo will definitely offer you the ideal places to relax and free your mind from your daily routine.  Moreover, Gozo can offer you all type of attractions which can make your holiday a unique one.  To get to know more about Gozo’s attractions, visit: Gozo’s attractions

If you made up your mind to thank your mother by giving her the chance to spend some quality time in the tranquil island of Gozo, please do contact us and we can offer you the perfect Gozo accommodation for her at Madonna ta’ Pinu Farmhouse.