Country Walks and Rambling in Gozo

sunset in gozo island

Considering its idyllic landscape, interesting architecture and rich history, it only makes sense that
Gozo would be a favourite among avid ramblers. You can literally spend days exploring the length
and breadth of this beautiful island and one of the best ways to do so is on foot.

The Gozitan Countryside

The countryside in Gozo provides the perfect opportunity for ramblers to capture the true essence
of Gozitan history, as it offers a nice combination of coastal paths, hill walks and heritage trails.
There is literally something new to discover at every turn.

While Gozo has pleasant year-round weather, the best time in which to visit the island for rambling
is either during the late spring or early autumn. Both seasons showcase the absolute best of the
island’s landscape, as the flora and fauna are usually in full bloom with exquisitely scented herbs and
vibrant wild flowers. Here’s what you can expect to enjoy when rambling in Gozo:

Most of the paths and walking trails that you’ll be exploring on your walks are well-worn from
centuries of being traversed by ramblers like you, and while you’ll have to navigate through a few
steep hills as well, it’ll be totally worth it once you reach the top to see the exceptional views below.


You’ll also notice as you walk through the hills that the air quality is not only cleaner and better than
in the city centre, but there’s always a whiff of fragrant herbs in the air, from myrtle, wild rosemary,
thyme, nettle and much more.

In fact, the Gozitan landscape boasts over 1, 000 different plant species, making it one of the most
diverse in the world- and a botanists dream!

Gozo’s History:

Another very interesting and exciting aspect of rambling in Gozo is that you get to discover its rich
history as you meander through the secret pathways, noticing as you do small and big relics that
show the little marks that different civilisations have left behind over the centuries.
Some of these historic relics include charming little 19th century churches and ancient villages that
were originally built in the 17 th century. The whole experience of walking through so much history
feels like taking a time capsule to the past, and it imparts a distinctly nostalgic feeling of the past
coming into contact with the future.

Sunsets in Gozo:

Since the island is so small, you can easily choose to end your walk with a dip into the sea while
enjoying the timeless Mediterranean sunset.
Another awesome part about strolling through the Gozitan landscape is that you can always catch a
bus back to your hotel or farmhouse villa if you feel too tired to carry on or walk back, although
there is something to be said about seeing the same scenery bathed in the golden glow of the
setting sun.

gozo country walks


Friendly locals:

You’ll also encounter friendly locals along the way, most of whom speak fluent English, although it
doesn’t hurt to know a few Gozitan phrases to break the ice.


Part of what makes walking through Gozo so refreshing is the rugged landscape, most of which has
remained untouched by modern civilisation. In fact, stats show that only 20% of the Gozitan
landscape has been urbanised so far and most of the local farmers still use ancient farming methods
to till the land, and are often joined by the younger generation to work the fields. Fishing also
remains an important aspect of Gozitan culture to this day and you’ll probably come across a
fisherman or two mending his colourful boat along the shore when you take a coastal walk.

gozo landscapes

Where to Go

Here are a few suggestions of hikes that you can enjoy when in Gozo:
Comino promises solitude, beauty and aesthetic edification with endless views.
– Salt pans: This route takes you through the beautiful Marsalforn, through to the Qbajjar and
Xwejni Bay coastline, where you’ll get to experience some of the most extraordinary views in
the world. Lastly, the walk ends in a tour of ancient salt pans that have been harvested for
– San blas: Gozitan locals and a few tourists who’re in the know identify San Blas as a place
where you come to experience “…the peace which passes all understanding”. That’s because
this sandy beach is quietly tucked away in an area of the island that hardly gets any visitors
due to the steep path that one must walk through in order to get there. The scenery and the
ambiance is well worth the trip, however, and you can reach this slice of heaven by beginning
your walk from the village of Nadur.
– Ta Cenc Cliffs: For landscapes that are out of this world, consider rambling through the
Sanap Cliffs. This are is famed for its paved walkways that lead to exceptional views of the
azure blue ocean below, as well as the vertical cliffs around them. After walking through the
rugged yet pretty trails, you’ll reach the ever-green Ta’Cenc coastline, which is flanked by
white vertical cliffs, creating a beautiful colour contrast of vibrant green, azure blue and
greyish white.
Dwejra: If you find time, go down to Drwejra for a sunset to remember!

If you’re interested in rambling through Gozo, consider contacting Gozo Tourism Authority on to find
out the difficulty and length of each route before you try it out. Here you’ll also find a helpful guide
with a map of all the notable prehistoric sites that are dotted around the island, as well as details of
themed walks that you can take part in.

With themed walks, you can choose to either explore the island’s recent history or take it all the way
back to prehistoric times. Whichever one you choose, your walk will leave you filled with awe and